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Marketing can be Overwhelming.

Good news! You have options!

Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy is the approach to achieving your competive advantage. It is the why to your marketing plan.

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Marketing is the heart of a successful company or brand. 

Create an effective marketing strategy with clear messaging concepts designed to combine your business and marketing goals to form a comprehension plan.

Brand Audit

A Brand Audit is a health check of your brand. It helps to identify your strengths, weaknesses and new areas for innovation and growth.

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brand audit is an in-depth examination of a brand’s current position in the market. A brand audit could cover two areas:

  1. Internal branding — your brand values, mission and company culture.
  2. External branding — your business logo, print and online advertising and marketing materials, public relations, website, social media presence, email marketing and content marketing.

Content Creation

Producing marketing copy, organic social media content, written industry-related topic blog posts, photo and video editing.

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  1. Brand Identity: Colour Theory, Exploration and Colour Palette
  2. Font & Typography Selection and Hierarchy
  3. Ideal Client or Target Demographic Development
  4. Business Cards, Flyers and Banners
  5. Custom PowerPoint or Pitch Presentation Decks


Products – Headshots – Social Media – Book Cover – Paintings – Sculptures – Art 

Social Media Consultation

Up-to-date information about industry trends and social media tools to provide problem solving, advice and expertise. 

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Enhance online presence across a variety of social media platforms. Focus on areas like customer engagement, brand management, and organizational communications.

Identify areas for improvement, analyze the competition’s social media presence and monitor communication. Design strategies to use social media that drives the targeted audience to a specific business goal while maintaining the brand image.

Workshops & Training

Improve your marketing and digital media experience with an hour, half-day or full-day workshop.

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  1. Digital Marketing (User Experience UX Edition)
  2. Keywords to enhance your brand, blog, social media, or website.
  3. Introduction to WordPress
  4. Colour Theory, Psychology, Typefaces and Fonts
  5. Content Creation for Social Media and Creating an Editorial Calendar
  6. How User Experience (UX) Design can increase your sales and grow your business
  7. How to build a Content/Editorial Calendar
  8. How to Research in Google, use trends and keywords to get noticed.
  9.  What is a SWOT and PEST Analysis? How do I use it for my brand or business?

User Experience (UX) Consulting

UX Research reveals what the users/consumers need  by conducting secondary research, exploring consumer behavior and motivation.

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UX research gathers information from users by way of a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, including interviews, contextual inquiries, diary studies, personas, card sorting, and usability testing. The focus is on the systematic approach to gathering and interpreting collected data.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress powers 43% of the websites on the internet.
WordPress is used to develop a website for a small business or large enterprise.

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Professional and custom WordPress Web Design with responsive mobile optimized layouts. WordPress is smart solution for your content and blog.

The following websites use WordPress: Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and more…


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