Case Study

Downtown Brampton Business Improvement Area (BIA)


Downtown Brampton Loyalty Card Program

Project Overview

The objective of the Downtown Brampton Loyalty Program is to increase pedestrian activity and make it a walkable area. Redirect traffic in the downtown core during construction. Emphasize safety, reinforce the identity and history of Downtown Brampton. Explore alternatives to parking such as group travel, ride-share, public transit and bicycling. Strengthen Downtown Brampton as the heart of the community.

My Role

Marketing Strategist | UX Designer

Understanding the User

User Persona #1
Adult population between the age of 30+ is being taken into consideration here. Owning to the growing market both nationally and internationally, adults are considered important for any product or service and in our case loyalty card issuance.

User Persona #2
Youth represent one-third of Canada’s population, there are approximately 125,820 youth in the city of Brampton, they are between 15 and 29 years of age.

What We did

  • Identified the client’s needs and wants; clarified a clear business goal
  • Identified the target market and market segmentation
  • Conduct a competitive analysis and research keywords
  • Reviewed a membership survey report and analyzed the statistics
  • Create a communication channel that supports the mission statement and business objectives
  • Develop a key message that will enhance the connection and emphasize the brand value to the target audience
  • Outline a marketing mix and choose a potential message source for publicity and credibility
  • Create a mock website integrating the AIDA model through the user online experience

UX Strategies

  • Identify pain points (Transportation, Travel, Traffic)
  • Scarcity (only 1000 Loyalty Cards)
  • Framing (Offered Rewards)
  • Objection Handling (FAQ section/area)
  • Endowed Progress Effect (Progress towards goal, abstract measurement – Stamps)
  • Social Proof (Celebrity Endorsement)

FINAL Result




“I was so impressed with your work and your seamless integration of the concepts and other models to create some remarkable solutions. The Director of the BIA was absolutely awestruck!”

Marisa Lauri, BAS, MBA, Professor 


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