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*Video: Baby crying when iPad is taken away*

Ever wonder why babies can figure a smartphone or a tablet without a tutorial? It’s called Affordable Cues. They are simple designs that tell the user what to do without telling them what to do.They are strong cues of what to do next…so when you thought your baby was a genius (which I’m pretty sure they are) it’s really UX / UI.


Affordance Theory was originated by psychologist, James J. Gibson

So how come adults don’t pick up on these Affordance Cue’s faster or at all compared to babies?
…because we are distracted by social and cultural patterns from our experiences with technology. Babies, children don’t have enough biases to interfere in the learning process.

Example: My mom refused to learn how to use a tablet I bought her for her birthday a few years ago. She said she was afraid she might break it. I never returned it…I kept it in my closet. The more my mom saw my sister use her tablet, she changed her biases and social cues; and actually asked to use my sister’s tablet to watch Nollywood movies lololol. When she became more comfortable, I surprised her again with the same ol’ tablet. Now she has a cell phone 😂

lol! Got it. I thought when my parents bought a laptop it would sit around and collect dust but at 78 and 88 my parents are talking to me on skype and checking their banking online 
Awww embracing their affordance cues Let me add that she ONLY watches YouTube and was very sad when Casey Neistat stopped daily vlogging. LOL

(Who de hell is Casey Neistat?? #oldschool) lol
Casey Neistat is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of now-defunct multimedia company Beme.

Still confused and googling…..”demonitized” lol
YouTube got in trouble by advertisers for posted their ads (specifically Proctor and Gamble Co.) in front of tasteless, racist, sexist, nasty video content. So they threatened to pull their account unless YouTube got more control over where their ads were going to show up. Hence months later…a new monetization or YouTube partner program and a bunch of videos losing their monetization status — making a lot of YouTubers lose over 40% of their income.

I’m approaching 49….50 is a stones throw away. I’m not keeping up🤣😫😑😃 with the latest cool vlogger
oh ok. Got it.

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